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Gift of Open Source 2020 - Not sure where to start? We have Suggestions!

New to Open Source? We’ve got you Covered! :point_down:t4:

There are tons of different ways to get involved! Any contribution to Drupal core, WordPress core, Pantheon repos, or any other open source project counts as participation.

The best part–we invite contributions of all kinds too, not just code! That means open source enthusiasts from all backgrounds & skills levels are encouraged to contribute! Both technical and non-technical contributors are welcome :clap:t4:

Here Are a Few Suggestions to Help You Get Started:



Pantheon Repos


There are dozens of projects that support & extend Drupal and WordPress! If you have any suggestions or ideas, please share them below! :point_down:t4:

Still unsure about where to start? We’ve got you covered! Drop us a note in #gift-of-open-source & our team will connect with you 1:1 to help match you with open source projects that set your soul on fire!


If you are not up for yet another coding job, I have an alternative. I am the team rep for the Block Editor End User Documentation, and we can always use help bringing the official documentation up to the next WordPress version. Our team members are writing from all around the globe.

Our various tasks:

  • Update or write new pages
  • Review new and update pages
  • Create and update team documentation
  • Review closed issues and merged PRs in Gutenberg GitHub repo
  • Update Trello Board
  • Review readers feedback
  • Facilitate Team communication

Join us on WP Slack in the #docs channel or DM me @bph