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Gift of Open Source 2020 - I Would Love to Learn More About Pantheon & Other Ways I Can Get Involved!

Interested in Learning More about Pantheon?

If you’re new to the Pantheon Platform we have tons of different options to help you get started! Whether you prefer a live demo, written documentation, or real-time QA, we have a way to get you up to speed on the platform. Check out the training resources below to get started! :point_down:t4:

Weekly Demo
Essential Developer Training
Office Hours
Power Users Slack
Case Studies, eBooks & Customer Success Stories

Still have questions? Drop them into Slack :black_heart: :yellow_heart:

Are you be interested in hosting WebOps Wednesday in our forum?

Every week we highlight a marketer, developer or visual designer in our forum! WebOps Wednesday is an opportunity for you to share your personal & professional experience with us. In addition to hosting the AMA in our forum, you will also be highlighted on our social channels!

If this sounds like something you would like to do, please send us an email at Please include “WebOps Wednesday” in the subject line.