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Gift of Open Source 2020: Early Bird Registration Now Open!

Be one of the first 300 people to register & contribute by December 31st to earn a limited-edition, Gift Open Source t-shirt! Or if you’re feeling extra giving this season, you can opt out of receiving a t-shirt & in return we will donate those funds to the WordPress Foundation or Drupal Association --the choice is yours!

All other participants will receive a mystery swag bag for doing some good! Don’t dally–t-shirts are LIMITED! :point_down:t4:

Register Now!

What does contribute involve? I have contributed to the webmaster’s queue? Does that count?

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Great question @volkswagenchick :slight_smile:

That would absolutely count as a contribution! However, to be clear, any contribution made before Dec. 1st will not count.Any contribution to Drupal core, WordPress core, Pantheon repos, or any other open source project counts as participation. We invite contributions of all kinds, too–not just code!

In general we will have a diverse committee dedicated to reviewing all of the amazing contributions that have been submitted throughout the challenge. In order to receive credit for your contribution(s) you must provide proof [links] of your contributions here by January 1st. All participants are encouraged to share a brief overview of their contributions’ impact.

Please let me know if you have any other questions!

This is the perfect response, thanks so much.

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Of course! :slight_smile: Anytime!