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Gift of Open Source 2020 - Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Contribution Opportunities!

Hi, y’all!

There are tons of great ways to give back to Drupal & WordPress this month, but I wanted to highlight some of the ways you can get involved if you’re interested in diversity, equity & inclusion in our communities!

Drupal Diversity & Inclusion :ddi:
This all-volunteer working group meets every Thursday at 9 am PT/12 pm ET in [Drupal Slack]. Join the #diversity-inclusion channel to introduce yourself and get involved with an initiative. Then comment on that week’s agenda for contribution credit. Bring your ideas for how we can make the Drupal community more diverse, inclusive and just!

DDI also maintains the Gender Field & Open Demographics modules, which help sites implement more inclusive demographic data collection.

Inclusive Language Guide :pantheon:
Pantheon recently released an Inclusive Language Guide, and it’s open source! That means you can submit a PR or open an issue if you have ideas for how to improve it.

:wordpress: @JillBinder do you have some suggestions for folks who want to get involved in DE&I work in WordPress?


Thanks for sharing this @sparklingrobots :heart: Especially great for those non-code people who want to make an impact & give back! :clap:


Thanks so much for asking, @sparklingrobots. <3 I put up a post with the ways that people can help here:


This is great opportunity for people to feel inclusive, and this forum is awesome in that sense. We need more diversity in the coding community.


Absolutely agreed :slight_smile:

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