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Gift of Open Source 2020 - 4 Easy Ways to Contribute to WordPress Diversity

Hi everyone!

My name is Jill Binder, and I’m the Lead of the Diverse Speaker Training Group in WordPress (#WPDiversity). Our team encourages people from underrepresented groups to speak at WordPress events. And now we would love your help. <3

There are a number of ways that you can contribute to our team throughout December:

ONE: Anytime in December: Run a discussion group! The only requirement to be a Discussion Facilitator is to have watched our workshop in advance: "Who am I to be speaking + Finding a topic for a WP event"

You can read more about being a discussion facilitator here. It’s easy!

and you can apply to be a discussion facilitator here.

If you have any additional questions, please email Angela at

TWO: On December 9th: Attend our team’s next meeting. Come check out what we do and if you’re so inclined, provide feedback on things we are discussing. It is taking place on Wednesday, December 9th at 5-6pm UTC (12-1pm ET), on channel #community-team

If you are not yet on the WordPress Slack:

a) First create an account on
b) Then visit

THREE: By December 18th: We are re-imagining our work given how 2020 went and what we think might be coming up in 2021. We would love to hear your thoughts on the post about it: Re-imagining the work of the Diverse Speaker Training group

FOUR: Anytime in December: Finally, interested in making a real-world, tangible impact with an inspirational group? Sign up to be a volunteer for our team! In addition to helping with workshops, we have anywhere from the tiniest tasks to major roles, all of which play a major part in our impact. Admin help, marketing, trainers, leadership, and more. To show your interest in seeing if our team is for you, please leave a comment on this post. I will follow up with you in the new year.

My group and I really appreciate your time and support. Happy Holidays and thank you in advance for the help!


Thank you so much, @jillbinder! I love the work you all are doing and am hopeful we can get some new faces involved!

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Thanks so much for sharing this! I am still pretty new to the open source space & am looking for non-code ways to contribute. So this is really helpful @jillbinder :slight_smile:

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Just to encourage some folks… Every time I “help” or “volunteer” at these workshops I walk away with a new topic or proposal!!

I get to help folks and get help myself!