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Genesis Streamline Pro question - how do I change my banner?

I’m acutely aware that the Pantheon community may not be the right place to ask this but perhaps you’ll be able to tell me where to go (so to speak!)

My site has a banner graphic, and there is no theme setting to select that graphic. A consultant changed it for me years ago and doesn’t want to talk to me anymore, sigh. How can I find out how to do it?

Hey Dave! I don’t have too much recent experience with WordPress, but based on the way that banner is structured, it’s likely some custom code in a template php file. I’d see if you can locate a Theme Header file (perhaps header.php) in your Theme Editor and find it in there.

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@katie.richards maybe some of our heroes can lend a helping hand or point Dave in the right direction? :slightly_smiling_face:

@deBronkart Is it the SuperPatients one?

If it is the SuperPatients banner that is located in the Visual Composer layout inside the homepage. You should be able to use the visual builder to swap that out. If it is a different banner just let me know which one and I can hunt it down for you. Hope that helps!

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@deBronkart what @sandy said. Also, with a lot of Genesis themes, things are done in the Widgets section of the site. You’d get there by going to Appearance>>Widgets in your WordPress admin.

Keep us posted on how we can help :+1:

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