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Gatsby and WordPress - Tips and Trends Thread

Hey folks!

I’ve been working lately with Gatsby and WordPress quite a bit and curious how folks are using it along with WordPress.

Got any good tips, trends or questions?

Excited to discuss :slight_smile:


I would also love to learn more about it. I keeping hearing about Gatsby all over the place! Zac - how long does it take to setup?

Not much to setup to pull in posts and pages, but depends on what you want to include on your site

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I’m currently evaluating a couple of WP-to-static plugins (Deploy Netlify Webhook & WP2Static) for use on some brochureware sites.

Oh nice @carolyn.s! Please share how those go!

We have several options now adays for static sites with WordPress

  1. Self code with Gatsby
  2. Static hosts who make static for you
  3. A range of plugins like you mentioned where you can generate your own static sites!

Would love to hear how your explorations with any of these continue!!!