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Full Site Editing in WordPress

There’s been a lot of discussion lately about the Full-Site editing project within WordPress, which would harness the power of Gutenberg to extend its editing experience to the full site. The team has been very clear about how to keep up-to-date on progress (check out this blog post by @annezazu on

I fully admit that as a non-developer WordPress user my viewpoint on full-site editing is wildly different than the dev community. I’d love to hear more from you, the WP devs, what you think of full site editing and what wish list items you feel would make the project successful!


It’s the holy grail… but it’s also going to be super hard to pull off. But Elementor raised a whole bunch of money to do basically the same thing, so the market demand is definitely there.


I am very much looking forward to this only because I like testing new things. I know a lot of it can also come down to personal preferences. I don’t do a lot of page editing or creating so that’s also part of it.

I love new features so I’m excited about it. I also think bold visionary steps like this are what is propelling WP marketshare. I’m also a Matt fanboy so I’m super biased in believing the direction he wants to go :smiley:

From an implementation stand point I’m worried about a similar experience as the block editor where lots of features were added but didn’t have the needed hooks and settings for developers to customize it. Even when developers found ways to make it work, those solutions would often break when the next round of changes came out, usually with an official fix for that problem. It penalized early adopters by forcing refactoring which WP is suppose to avoid. I’d prefer a smaller feature set at release that has the hooks needed to make it extensible.

I get the need to show off lots of features, but the Gutenberg project is here for the long haul so let’s embrace what that extended timeline gives us.


As a drupal developer, can someone define what this means? “full site editing”, what isn’t editable? if we’re saying its a goal to have full site editing?

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Great question. In this case editing is referring to transferring editing control from developers (php files) to the content editors (database). Example:
Many themes have a php file called header that a developer builds out and maybe there is a setting page to make some content dynamic. Instead full site editing would allow that header to be built out directly in the CMS. The content creator would use the (Gutenberg) block editor to craft that header experience along with the footer, sidebars, and any widget areas.

Writing this out does make realize that something like an extended configuration management feature may be needed to allow for proper testing and transfer of data across environments.

Right now making a new test page for Gutenberg layouts isn’t too laborious so it often isn’t run through a dev/test/prod workflow but how do we let someone craft a new header on test and transfer that up to live without overwriting prods DB? This really isn’t site configuration in the classic sense but it seems functionally so. Maybe WP will need to make some kind of config management a first class citizen like Drupal does.

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