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Free desks for work from home

If this topic is not appropriate for this forum, no worries I’m happy to delete it.

Hi everyone, since we’ve been working from home, we upgraded to some sit/stand desks and have our original ones up for grabs if anyone in the Bay Area is interested in them. These are solid desks, great condition. I just want them to go to a good home and hope that if anyone else is working from home these days and wants to upgrade their desk. Pickup only in Santa Rosa. Here are the dimensions and a photo of them assembled. Note in the photo it shows a file cabinet too, we’re keeping the file cabinet.

Both desks are 29.5in deep and 28-29in tall (adjustable foot). The small one is 47.5 wide, and the large one is 65in wide. They both have Gromit holes for wires. The backs are solid, though we were able to pass wires through under the back.


Dang, I wish I were in Santa Rosa! :smiley:


+1 to that @sparklingrobots :crossed_fingers: