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Florida DrupalCamp is online Feb 18-20

Early bird registration ends soon, don’t wait!

Until January 31st, tickets for Florida DrupalCamp 2021 are only $10! Your ticket includes a full (virtual) day of awesome Drupal and Drupal related sessions, as well as contribution day to give back to the Drupal community.

But after January 31st, tickets go up to $20, so why wait? Attend every session, or take one in during your lunch break, or when your boss isn’t looking (or all of the above!) and we promise, you won’t regret it! Click the button below to register and get started!


❄️ Warm up your heart (and your brain) with training day!

These harsh, sub 70° Florida winter days can be tough, we know. That’s why the best way to stay warm is with some additional trainings at FLDC 2021! For just an additional $10, you can snuggle into your office chair, grab a hot beverage, put on your headphones and take part virtually in our half and full day trainings on such great topics as:

  • Drupal 8 config basics
  • User experience for site builders
  • Decoupling Drupal with Gatsby
  • Accessibility and usability for different audiences
  • Utility CSS and Tailwind
  • Intermediate OOP in Drupal

Add our training day to your ticket when you register and we know that your brain will be nice and toasty! Learn more about the trainings here.

We 💙 Our Session Submitters!

In our 13 years as a camp, Florida DrupalCamp has welcomed many diverse speakers from all over the world, and this year we hope to do the same. If you, or someone you know, has a unique idea and perspective that they would love to share, submit a session! FLDC welcomes people from all walks of life for s, and we can’t wait to hear what you might have to say


We look forward to seeing you(virtually) at FLDC201!
And hey…you look nice today!

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