FEEDBACK WANTED - Looking for a Handful of Community Members Who Are Interested in Sharing Their Thoughts on How We Can Improve our Community Forum! 🎉

Happy Tuesday everyone! :wave:

Our team is passionate about creating a safe, vibrant space where you can easily share and discover information/resources, connect with other members, and discover other ways to get plugged in! Right now we have two places you can do that: here in our Community Forum+ over in our Community Slack.

Our community exists because of all of you – and I want to make sure your wants + needs are at the center of everything we do! With that being said, I am looking for a handful of community members who are willing to share their thoughts + feedback on how we can improve your overall experience in these community spaces. Specifically in our community forum!

If you are interested in chatting please either drop a comment below or shoot me a DM. For those of you who would rather share your thoughts, feedback, concerns + aspirations via email, please feel free send it to

Thank you for being vulnerable + transparent! Your feedback truly matters + I am so super excited to connect + learn from you all. :heart: