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Feedback wanted: LocalDev

Pantheon is ramping up work on LocalDev, our very own local development tool, and we need your feedback!

If you haven’t tried LocalDev yet, here’s how to get started:

The best way to share your feedback is in our GitHub repo. You can also leave your feedback in this thread. What works for you? Where are you having issues? What do you wish LocalDev would do?

We want this tool to work for your team, so let us know what you think & where we can do better!

Happy Monday, all!

Linux support please :wink:


We’ll be looking at other OS platforms once we get close to feature-complete 1.0.

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The 0.5.4 release has some great new features to solidify updates. It also lets people switch to the “edge” channel if they want. This will send you beta updates, which is great for people where we’re testing new features, or trying to debug edge cases.

Looking forward to increasing the pace of release over this year! :slight_smile: