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February 2020 Pantheon Changelog

Pantheon Changelog

February 2020

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Platform Improvements

Localdev 0.7.0 Released
Localdev 0.7.0 includes macOS Catalina support, a beta release channel, and numerous improvements and bug fixes. For more information, see

Drush 8.3.2 Released
Drush 8.3.2 is available on the Pantheon platform. For more information, visit

PHP 7.3.14 and 7.2.27 Updated
Updated to PHP 7.3.14 and 7.2.27 platform-wide. For information on upgrading between major PHP versions see Upgrade PHP Versions.

Terminus 2.3.0 Released
Terminus 2.3.0 was released. For more information, visit

Media & Blogs

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Community News

What’s Trending in the Forum?

Tips for making site traffic stats more accurate

WebOps in 2020 and Beyond: Opinions Wanted!

A question I shouldn’t have to ask, but

What’s Happening with our Heroes?

Hero Michele Butcher-Jones is speaking about Creating a 5-Star Customer Experience at WordCamp Phoenix on February 8.

Hero Birgit Pauli-Haack is presenting on Creating layouts with image blocks in Gutenberg at WordCamp Miami on February 28.

Heroes are incredibly skilled in their fields and one of the ways they support Pantheon is through using those skills to test new releases. We’re gearing up for Build Tools 2.0 this spring and are working with Heroes on testing the updates. Want to get involved? Drop Fatima Sarah Khalid, the Build Tools project maintainer, a note on the forum!

Use your superpowers for good! Learn more about what it takes to become a Pantheon Hero!

A Look Back at WebOps Wednesday AMAs

Last month we were joined by Sandy Edwards, owner of Data Driven Labs. When this PantheonHero isn’t giving back to the WordPress community, she is likely whipping up a new recipe in the kitchen!

Have a question for this open source guru? Drop into the forum & ask her anything!

Interested in sharing your WebOps story? We would love to hear it! Shoot us an email at

Upcoming Training Opportunities

Learn from the best! Our developer relations experts are here to help you on your Pantheon journey. Join the weekly demo, office hours, or head to the Power Users channel to connect with the team.

Upcoming Events

Watch our Events & Meetups category for friendly call for speaker reminders & upcoming events!