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FEATURE REQUEST: Ticket emails missing critical information

Hi Team,

When I get an email about a ticket (mostly those created through chat) I can’t seem to ever find the ticket in the dashboard. It could be listed under tickets of my user, under tickets of my org, or under tickets of one of my 70+ sites. All that is included is the ticket number and I prefer to reply via web as opposed to email. Maybe I’m just missing something that makes finding them in the dashboard easier?

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I, too, frequently have this problem. Even a link in the email that takes you back to the dashboard would be great. I use the emails to know when a response is made but like the OP, prefer to respond from the dashboard where I can use the markup capabilities of the ticketing system to make things as clear as possible.


Hi @jfoust & @dashifen! Thanks so much for this feedback!

I’m passing it along to the product owner for our support tools, and hopefully we can get a cleaner & easier to follow workflow for ya.

Happy Friday. :smiley:


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Quick update: I passed this along to the team who owns the support tooling, and they were super grateful. They’re working to revamp this whole system in 2021, so hopefully we can all just enjoy the anticipation between now and then. :laughing:

Keep that feedback coming, and happy Friday!