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Feature Request: Restore button for db-only backups

Sometimes I just want to save time and just make a database backup and if things go wrong, it’d be nice to be able to restore that snap, but it looks like restore is only available when you do a complete backup.

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Oh, another fun feature idea: Add tagging support for backups, so we can label backups to differentiate them from each other. Such as pre-migrate, post-migrate, pre-config-changes, etc.


No plans for a button at this point @purdy but you can easily do this through Terminus:
terminus backup:restore <site>.<env> --element=db
This restores the most recent db backup to 's environment.
Run terminus backup:restore -h for more options :slight_smile:

Tagging is a common feature request and we will add it to try to get this prioritized. The best option I have discussed with folks is exporting a backup:list for the site into a spreadsheet or other doc and add your own meta there. I will completely admit this is not ideal and does mean manual process but a workable workaround for some.

Ooops, just realized you want to take just a DB backup, not restore the DB
That is terminus backup:create <site>.<env> --element=db
and terminus backup:create -h

No, I knew that one … that’s how I make those backups. Just wanted the button for easy-restore for those backups, too. Didn’t know about the backup:restore option …

When just backing up the database (which is often when working on site building tasks), I use the Database/Files > Export tool:

Then if I screw it up, I then use the Import tool to re-import that last export. First get the file path:

Then import:

More steps, but less confusing, for me at least. Hope that helps.