Feature Request: Dashboard advanced filters for site list

  1. If there were a way to filter the site list by DNS/cnames that would be useful.
  2. If we could export the list of all our sites easily. and possibly select or add columns to that output almost a report type feature.
  3. Adding the ability to use tags for sites and be able to filter on them. so we could search by groups
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Hi, Joseph! Thanks for sharing the above product feedback (as well as the other two Dashboard feature requests). I’m going to connect with our Product Team on all of this + make sure your suggestions are heard. If there are any updates, I’ll be sure to let you know. Thanks!

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Hi, Joseph! So, I brought your product feedback to our Product Team, + they informed me that some of the features you requested currently exist. For instance, you can already export a list of sites + use tags to organize sites… If you have site list access, you can multi-select + export. Can you confirm what level of access you have? If you don’t have site-list access, are you able to work with your org to upgrade your permissions? And apologies if you already have this access + are still experiencing issues. If that’s the case, I can alert the term, though you may need to submit a ticket.

Also, our Product Team is aware of the the need for a functionality that would allow users to select everything in a table, so thanks for flagging that, so they know this is important for more customers!

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I am not sure what “role(s)” I am not an Org manager or site owner they have assigned sites to me on their end. But i think i am just a “team member” but i manage ~120 sites. are their other roles they can create that can have limited or lessor permissions?

Unfortunately the lowest permission role within the org management still permits users to see sites that do not belong to them so we are unable to use that role and have to assign sites to our personal workspaces which lack most all of the advanced features at this time. Adding some of those features to personal workspace would be great.

Oh ok, good to know. I’m circling back with my Product Team to see if they can provide more info/a workaround for this, since you’re working from a personal workspace. Apologies you’re experiencing issues, + thanks for your patience as I connect with the team!

Joseph, unfortunately, the team confirmed that we don’t have a workaround for this yet. We’re going to use your feedback to try to work on a solution for this roles/permissions issue, + I’ll let you know if I hear back of any updates. Apologies again!

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@vee.vopham Any updates?

Thanks for following up on this. I’m reaching out to our Product Team now + will let you know what I hear back. Thanks for your patience!

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@vee.vopham wanted to check in and see if there was any update since the new dashboard is live now. Are there any plans to add enhancements to the dashboard?

@joseph.bradfield, thanks for following up this again + for your patience! Let me follow up with the Product Team to try to get some additional information on this + an update on timing on the above dashboard enhancements. Feel free to follow up with me, but I’m aiming to get you an update by EOW. Again, I SO appreciate your patience + understanding.

@joseph.bradfield, I did touch base with our Product Team + I provided to provide an update: They are aware of the permissions issues you outlined above + they’re something we plan to prioritize in the future. But with other competing product priorities, this is not something we’ll be able to execute this year. If there are any further updates to this, I’ll be sure to communicate them!

How about simply being able to export the site list?

Filtering by dns would be huge too.

Hi, @joseph.bradfield! Thanks for following up on these requests. I did check in with my team, + they let me know that you can tag + export sites via the dashboard. Check out this doc for more info + instructions to do so. What you can’t do in the dashboard is get the DNS info; my team is working through some workarounds you can use, + we’ll share this info with you tomorrow!

the tagging does not work from within personal workspace only the org manager or site owner level (I am assigned as a team member)

Hi Joseph! Thanks for your patience as I got some more info from the team. We did want to ask - are you able to connect with your org manager? We recommend you try to do this, so they can provide you with privileges to do the types of tasks that require higher level access, as this is your only option at this time. But if anything on this changes, I’ll be sure to let you know.

As for workarounds to getting DNS info, you can use Terminus. One of my colleagues shared this article which should help!

You could come up with a Fastcript or series of Terminus commands, which should allow you to get the DNS info from the command line. Here are docs to help you set up the two Terminus commands (https://pantheon.io/docs/terminus/commands/org-site-list + https://pantheon.io/docs/terminus/commands/site-info).

Posting this here as a workaround while the features above are being addressed by the Pantheon crew. We had to solve this problem ourselves at ASU Engineering and ended up a few scripts (BASH) that can produce some useful CSV extracts from WP-CLI and Terminus.

  • Once you dig in a little bit, it should be pretty easy to substitute the WP-CLI specific commands (terminus wp) with CLI commands for Drupal if that’s the CMS of choice instead.


  • pantheon-wp-bash-scripts/getsitedetails.sh at develop · asuengineering/pantheon-wp-bash-scripts · GitHub
  • Generates three separate CSV files for the themes, plugins and users associated with each install within your organization.
  • Adjust the scope of the crawl toward the beginning of the script based on terminus site:list or another itemized list of pantheon site slugs.
  • Fair warning: this executes pretty slowly. A good one to run overnight on a local machine. (Or, if you are better at the whole “execute this script on a virtual machine,” thing than I am… also a good idea.)


Happy scripting!
~ Steve Ryan


Amazing! Thanks so much for sharing this workaround, @SteveRyan-ASU! :raised_hands:

:open_mouth: thanks @SteveRyan-ASU - we’d love to publish that in the docs to help other users in a similar position.

Since we have a practice of not linking to scripts in repos that aren’t ours, we’d have to bring it into the docs repo (GitHub - pantheon-systems/documentation: Pantheon Docs), and if that’s alright with you (and both repos’ licenses), I’d want to make sure you get proper attribution in the repository in addition to the Docs stickers I’d send you (obvs).
Would it make sense for me to create a PR in our repo with a placeholder and tag you there? Or is there a better/easier way? Alternatively, we could link to pantheon-wp-bash-scripts, but we try to avoid making folks detour from where they are.

Docs repo LICENSE: documentation/LICENSE at main · pantheon-systems/documentation · GitHub

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Sure, I’m all for including those items directly in the Pantheon Docs. I think the idea originated with something I found from within the docs originally… so that makes sense. =)

  • There’s probably some clean up work to do to make the comments more easily understood.
  • It also currently also contains some UUIDs and other references to our org that should be abstracted.
  • I could use some assistance from someone on the Drupal side of the fence to translate the commands from WP-CLI into Drush to produce similar results in the getsitedetails script.

Let me do some offline work on the idea and reach back out with a more cleaned up reference?

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