Feature Request: Dashboard advanced filters for site list

  1. If there were a way to filter the site list by DNS/cnames that would be useful.
  2. If we could export the list of all our sites easily. and possibly select or add columns to that output almost a report type feature.
  3. Adding the ability to use tags for sites and be able to filter on them. so we could search by groups
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Hi, Joseph! Thanks for sharing the above product feedback (as well as the other two Dashboard feature requests). I’m going to connect with our Product Team on all of this + make sure your suggestions are heard. If there are any updates, I’ll be sure to let you know. Thanks!

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Hi, Joseph! So, I brought your product feedback to our Product Team, + they informed me that some of the features you requested currently exist. For instance, you can already export a list of sites + use tags to organize sites… If you have site list access, you can multi-select + export. Can you confirm what level of access you have? If you don’t have site-list access, are you able to work with your org to upgrade your permissions? And apologies if you already have this access + are still experiencing issues. If that’s the case, I can alert the term, though you may need to submit a ticket.

Also, our Product Team is aware of the the need for a functionality that would allow users to select everything in a table, so thanks for flagging that, so they know this is important for more customers!

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I am not sure what “role(s)” I am not an Org manager or site owner they have assigned sites to me on their end. But i think i am just a “team member” but i manage ~120 sites. are their other roles they can create that can have limited or lessor permissions?

Unfortunately the lowest permission role within the org management still permits users to see sites that do not belong to them so we are unable to use that role and have to assign sites to our personal workspaces which lack most all of the advanced features at this time. Adding some of those features to personal workspace would be great.

Oh ok, good to know. I’m circling back with my Product Team to see if they can provide more info/a workaround for this, since you’re working from a personal workspace. Apologies you’re experiencing issues, + thanks for your patience as I connect with the team!

Joseph, unfortunately, the team confirmed that we don’t have a workaround for this yet. We’re going to use your feedback to try to work on a solution for this roles/permissions issue, + I’ll let you know if I hear back of any updates. Apologies again!

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@vee.vopham Any updates?

Thanks for following up on this. I’m reaching out to our Product Team now + will let you know what I hear back. Thanks for your patience!

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