Feature Request: Create Automatic Backup when Deploying or Cloning/Wiping/Importing

It would be nice if there was an automatic backup created each time deploying code or cloning/wiping/importing from one environment to another. As much as we as an agency make sure to do that, but clients may not follow the best practices. Of course it adds additional time to the process, but you have a backup if anything goes wrong.
We have a lot of clients on WP Engine and it’s one of the features that is very useful and mitigates the issue of data loss.

Hi, @aivaras! Thanks for reaching out! I’ve shared your feature request with the team + if there are any updates, I’ll be sure to let you know.

Thanks so much for your help improving Pantheon’s products + services!

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Hi, @aivaras! I just wanted to share that your request has been added as a feature request for our Product Team + is on their radar. If there are any additional updates to it, I’ll be sure to share them. Thanks again for your time in sharing this feedback with us!

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