Feature Request: Add option to choose region when Migrating a Site

Would be great to have an option to pick a region for the data centre when Migrating a site.
It currently just defaults the the US and can’t be changed. Being in Australia, we like all o our sites to be in in the AU Data Centre.

At the moment, to have a migrated site in Australia, we have to create a new website with the AU Data Centre, and then manually migrate a site over. We love the migrate feature, and it makes it so easy to bring new clients over to Pantheon, but we’ve had to do this manually recently with clients needing an AU data centre.

Hi, @niknewys! Thank you for expressing interest in this feature request. This is something that’s been requested by other users as well. I’ve touched base with our Product Team on this request to let them know, + it’s been submitted as a feature request. So, it’s now on our Product Team’s radar. If there are any any updates to this, I’ll be sure to share them. Also, after connecting with one of my colleagues on this, they shared two “hacks” to get around the issue:

  1. Follow the manual migration process where you follow the regular site creation process first (and can choose your region then)
  2. Use the “migrate site” workflow and end up with a site in US. (test to make sure it is working as expected.) Create a new empty site in NEW-REGION, and use terminus site clone to move the newly migrated site over to the new empty one you set to the region you wanted.

Neither of these are a good default workflow if you’re trying to migrate a site + wanting to select a non-US region, but we wanted to share these just in case they’re helpful! Thanks for helping improve Pantheon’s products + services!

Hi Vee,
Thanks for the update and those hacks. Forgot about the terminus site clone, so I’ll give that a go next time.
Cheers, Nik

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