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Fastly and Pantheon?

So I’ve been looking at Pantheon and Fastly recently and I’m a little bit confused.

Is Pantheon peering with Fastly? Or is Pantheon integrated with Fastly’s services? I’m a little confused because when you look at a Pantheon’s website’s IP and find out what ASN it is, it always points to Just a little confused and would love to know the answer!

Also, is there any way I could host an Dotnet Core website with pantehon?


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Hi @nikolay

As far as your first question goes, we use Fastly to power our global CDN layer. You can read more details in our docs page here, and our features page here.

We don’t currently support any sites outside of WordPress or Drupal, Dotnet Core would take some pretty major efforts to run in our platform, so it’s not likely that we’ll support it in the future, but you’re always welcome to reach out to support to raise a feature request.

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