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Enhance Visual Regression Testing toolset so it can test any two environments, not just an Autopilot multidev

Currently, we use Ghost Inspector ( to perform visual regression testing. Typically we do so by loading a deployment package onto the dev environment of our testing sites and comparing that to the live websites. We would love to see the visual regression testing toolset that’s a part of Autopilot become something that we can use to replace this process.

For example, a use case where we create a “deploy” multidev, load it up with new code, and use VRT to compare it to dev and/or live. Or, a case where we have a new feature in a multidev that shouldn’t effect the public site, we can compare the multidev against it’s source to be sure that our changes haven’t messed anything up. Ghost gives us this capability now, but integrating it into Pantheon systems (and, perhaps, allowing Terminus to initiate testing suites) would be fantastic.

David Dashifen Kees
Senior Full Stack Developer
University Information Services
Georgetown University
Phone: (361) 433-5337
Pronouns: they/them

Thanks for sharing @dashifen!

I am passing this feedback over to our team as I type this. Keep the feedback + feature requests coming. If I hear any movement on this I will make sure to keep you + the community posted.