"Email services" was on the 2019 Q3 product roadmap, what's that status?

While Pantheon makes webops easy in so many ways, one thing that is seemingly overlooked is a turnkey approach to sending out password recovery emails. Instead I need to implement a third party service to handle this infrequent and core task. CMS Email Service on Pantheon.

We’ve been using SendGrid for years, but as email spam gets more sophisticated, so does the method of using SendGrid. The latest is that Sender Identity is going to be required. https://docs.sendgrid.com/for-developers/sending-email/sender-identity. No, not the end of the world, but this isn’t a trivial configuration workflow, it takes time, money, upkeep – it’s money better spent.

I recently became aware that “Email services” was on Pantheon’s 2019 Q3 product roadmap, here it is on this slide:

I’d like to know what happened to this R&D initiative and suggest that it still has a lot of value in making it easier to build and maintain websites. I put this into the same category as New Relic, Let’s Encrypt and Fastly GCDN. Password recovery emails are a Drupal core feature and I’d like to see it supported.

Thank you!


Thanks, Stephen. Running one nonprofit website makes setting up solutions like SendGrid seem like overkill. But without it our users are unable to access their accounts because they rarely receive the password reset e-mails (or if they do it is hours after the request).

I would strongly support Pantheon adding a simple e-mail handling service that can handle low-volume messages sent from Drupal. Companies with mission-critical mass e-mail needs could still opt for third party services when needed.

This would be a great feature - just ensuring a key part of the CMS (password resets and other account emails) works on the platform would be great!

Dealing with exactly this issue around email on Pantheon has been a real pain point for our agency as well. I hope this is still on/going back on the roadmap for the near future.