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DrupalCon Seattle

Hi everyone, I’m looking forward to DrupalCon in Seattle next week - is anyone else from this community going? If so, what sessions are you interested in?

Over the last year, I’ve been doing a lot of training on Drupal 8 and a few weeks ago was finally able to finish my first full Drupal 8 build. I’m really excited about being able to attend some sessions and actually have more of a handle on Drupal 8 terminology having been in the trenches now! I’m interested in the sessions about performance, layout builder and components, and hopefully get some more information about the new media browser in 8.7.

Congrats on your first D8 build, thats a major accomplishment! I will be at DrupalCon as well as many more other folks from Pantheon. Please stop by the booth and say hello to me, I should be around most of the time. Oh sessions… I should really start thinking about that.