Drupal 9 and Solr?

We have several D8 sites and they all use Pantheon Solr Add-on. Am I correct that we cannot upgrade to D9 until the Pantheon Solr upgrades or if we move our search service elsewhere? How are others dealing with this?



That’s true but we are actively working on getting Pantheon Solr support on D9. We recently started accepting people into early access. If you are interested in upgrading, I’d encourage you to reach out to your sales rep. They should be able to get you on that list.

Alternatively for external providers we have been recommending https://opensolr.com/ who we have had success working with in the past.


Thanks for replying @JohnRichardsII ! @purdy I saw your name on the EA list, which is fantastic! Guessing @katie.richards got you set up there :slight_smile:

Ok, great! How will I know when I have access to the EA?

I am checking on that for you as we speak :slight_smile: I will let you know what the team says.

Are there updates on the status of this? My team and I are ready to upgrade our Drupal 8 site to Drupal 9, but we use the Pantheon Solr Add-on.

Any update on this? I’m still waiting for EA access and we’re getting really close to EOL for D8.

Hey there! I reached out to the Product Manager who has been handling these early access requests. I was told he will reach out to you directly.

I will make sure to follow-up here in the next few days to confirm! Thanks for your patience!

Thanks! I rec’d an email last night with an invite and details, so I’ll be digging through that today.

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Awesome, glad that got sorted! :slight_smile: And of course anytime, always happy to help.

Hi John,

I was wondering if the new Solr index that Pantheon will be offering soon, will provide the use of synonymns? Currently that is not the case, so we were forced to use the (paid) service of OpenSolr.

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Yes, it should. The new version will be Solr 8 and it supports synonyms.


A quick update, Solr 8 is now in Limited Availability with Drupal 9, meaning it can be installed without an invite now but there may be minor backwards-incompatible changes coming. Pantheon’s Support team will work with you to help address any issues.


Any idea when Solr 8 for Drupal 9 will be fully available on Pantheon?

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Thanks for reaching out about this, @natts! I’m going to ping my team to ask for additional information, and we’ll follow-up with you soon.

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@vee.vopham Any update please on when this feature will be fully available?

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Hi, @mustapha, thanks for following up on this! So, this is something the team is working on now - getting Solr 8 for Drupal 9 available for GA access. Why it’s not set to GA yet is that it doesn’t currently quite work on WordPress sites. Once we figure that out, we’ll push it to GA. I’ll share an update here when I hear any new updates.

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