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Drupal 9.3.0 - Configuration Sync

Hi all,

Since we updated our sites to drupal 9.3.0, we are experiencing some trouble with the configuration synchronisation.

These are the steps we did to upgrade to Drupal 9.3.0

  1. Applied the updates on dev branch via de Pantheon Dashboard.
  2. Executed the drush updb command:
$ terminus drush site.env updb
  1. changed the development mode to SFTP
  2. Executed the drush cim command:
$ terminus drush site.env cex
  1. Commited the changes generated via cex and changed back to GIT
  2. On local branch we did:
$ git pull
$ composer update --lock
$ drush updb
$ drush cim

After these steps, some .yml files kept popping up. These changes were nothing else then ordering change, as described in this topic.

As a next step, we all downloaded the DB on local dev and as expected: no more changes to export or import.

Now, on the first change after the update, we are experiencing these kind of trouble again… Anyone with the same problem? And did you find a solution for this problem?