Double Your Impact at DrupalCon - Your contributions will support the Discover Drupal initiative 💛

Double Your Impact at DrupalCon :yellow_heart:

With DrupalCon Portland just a few days away, we have some exciting news to share with you all! This year Pantheon is partnering with the Drupal Association to match contributions made during DrupalCon Portland. All funds raised will go to support the Discover Drupal initiative to help underrepresented students build skills and launch promising careers in open source!

Open source enthusiasts from all backgrounds and skill levels are encouraged to contribute! Both code and non-code contributions will count, and can be made either in person (at DrupalCon) or virtually. To participate, simply add the GiftofOpenSource issue tag to the issue you are working on, and we will take care of the rest! For all other contributions please let us know via email For all other questions please drop them in the gift-of-open-source channel.

Excited to see some of your smiling faces at DrupalCon Portland next week! :wave:

Your Community Team
@vee.vopham, @katie.richards, @McKennaR