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Does Pantheon have published, or can you/will you/could you, publish your product roadmap?

I watch every video presentation Josh does when he does them, and I’m always excited to see the goals for the next quarter, year for Pantheon as a product - but do you have the road map published anywhere for us to use in our planning for new projects?


This is a great question, Duran. I actually just invited Josh to Discourse. I will allow him to take this one so give us a day or two to get Josh in here. :slight_smile:

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@joshkoenig I thought this was a good question for you. :slight_smile:

First post for me!

We don’t maintain a publicly published roadmap for the whole platform, and there are a few problems with trying to do that. While we do share information with select customers/partners as part of their quarterly(ish) check-ins, but this isn’t something that we could easily post in the open.

However, I would absolutely support a community mechanism which would let us respond to future feature requests as well as previewing upcoming capabilities we are comfortable talking about publicly.


Welcome @joshkoenig! Great group of folks in here so far to chat with. Thanks for the reply.