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Does anyone have talking points they can share about D7 EOL, & moving to D8

I’m sure a lot of us have D7 sites we’re looking and going “oh, cool, time to redo that…” … or more aptly saying " … I sure hope my client knows they have to redo this soon …"

But, they don’t.
I know my clients aren’t thinking about it.

Has anyone put together talking points, a slide deck, anything, that your using to help communicate the D7 EOL to them?
Would you be willing to share?

I’ve just started thinking about it, and I’m a little daunted at the prospect of selling new websites to my existing clients who are happy with the work I’ve done. “Wait, why do we have to redo this?”


One of the approaches I’ve been taking with it is not to pitch the “rebuild on D8” angle but instead approach the “have you considered a re-brand/modernization”? At this point, most of the D7 sites have been in existence for at least a year or two at minimum. I’ve got a bunch of resources (blog posts, etc) from various companies that have done research and say the best websites are re-designed every 3 years (or so)…which means that they are coming due for a redesign anyway and provide a convenient reason for upgrading to D8.


@greg this is a great topic for your insight.

Yes, I agree that it’s best to have some other reason to revamp the site. It is not very compelling to tell the client that they have to spend time and money on an upgrade only to get exactly what they have now.

Drupal 6 still has long-term support from third party vendors, and I have to imagine that they’re likely to extend their offerings to Drupal 7 once it hits its EOL date. It’s still more than two years before we hit that milestone. When the day comes, you’re going to want to look at their requirements and decide which platform is going to meet their needs most economically. An extended support contract for the platform they already have might be all they need. If they’re looking for more, consider WordPress and Drupal 8 (or maybe even Backdrop) and pick the one that fits their use-case best.


The newest site I’ve built on D7 is a little over a year old, and most of them are much older. I’m planning to approach it as an opportunity to update their design, refresh their content, AND get a platform with the newest features for their content editors.

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When we started with Drupal, we decided to shoehorn a lot of our custom tools inside of Drupal, which manage things other than content, such as advertising and circulation. We started with D6 and made the upgrade to D7, but D8 is a total rewrite situation, so we’re looking at moving those tools to a separate server so an upgrade won’t be so painful in the future. At least we have two years to do that!