Does anyone else have large database tables on Pantheon? >7 million rows?

Hey all, my app is growing and my apps main database table is over 7 million rows and will continue to grow. I’m hitting some limits (specifically with aggregate functions) with optimizing my queries and would love to connect with anyone else that has found ways to make Pantheon work for you when your table is getting that large. Would love any pro-tips/best practices that have worked for you.

Specifically I’ve created an indexed field in my large table, but doing a basic SUM over that is taking too long. For example, the table is 7,000,000 rows long, the index brings it down to 100,000, and to do a sum over one of the fields takes 10-18 seconds. I did a full profiling of it and it’s all bottle necked in the “execution” stage. It doesn’t happen in my local environment, but with pantheon’s database, it does.