Documenting Early Access Products - Pantheon Search (Solr 8) for Drupal 9 EA Docs

Pantheon Search (Solr 8) for Drupal 9 is now available for those enrolled in our Early Access program. So, what does that mean?

What is Early Access? Before a product is released for General Availability (GA), and is available to all customers, we may choose to release it as part of either our Early Access (EA) or Limited Availability (LA) program. In our pre-GA (Early Access or Limited Availability) programs, select customers can try out new product features before we release them to all customers. Pantheon’s Early Access program focuses on engagement with a small group of our customers. Whether it’s our Early Access or our Limited Availability program, we strive to deepen our level of engagement and to better understand the experiences of our customers, by encouraging real-world feedback.

What about Docs? Docs are crucial in supporting pre-GA (Early Access or Limited Availability) customers - from documenting new products and features, to incorporating customer feedback into troubleshooting guides and FAQs for future use. When we have a pre-GA product launch, in addition to contributing to internal documentation, the Docs team also creates a customer-facing doc about the product and includes either an Early Access or Limited Availability banner. That doc typically includes product details and information on how customers can participate in our EA or LA programs. EA and LA docs are updated frequently and often include troubleshooting tips as well as product considerations.

Want to learn more about our products and docs? The Pantheon Changelog contains details on how to get involved, as well as docs on new products and features. We encourage those in the Pantheon community and beyond, to check out our monthly Changelog for updates and info on our EA, LA, and GA releases .

A big thanks and congrats to the Pantheors who made the Pantheon Search Early Access release a reality. A great deal of hard work went into this release and it is greatly appreciated.

Stay tuned; there is much more to come!



I’m currently testing the Solr v8 to use with Drupal 9. I followed the guide and it all worked out very well. Now, I’m trying to configure the use of synonyms, but it doesn’t seem to be supported (yet)? The reason we stepped away from pantheon Solr was the lack of synonyms. Will it be available soon? Or am I missing something and should it be added to the documentation?

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Tagging a few friends here that may be able to help :slight_smile: @audrac @joan.edwards @michalsen

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We do support “synonyms.txt” and the basic solr 8 config that gets uploaded by default when you choose “update schema” includes a synonyms.txt file. You can make alterations by writing a hook as described here: search_api_pantheon/search_api_pantheon_examples.module at 8.x · pantheon-systems/search_api_pantheon · GitHub

in the case of synonyms.txt you would alter the synonyms_{langurage].txt or in the case of English:

$synonyms = &$files['synonyms_en.txt'];
// Make changes to the file here

FYI: The default files pushed by search_api_solr are here: jump-start/solr8/config-set · 4.x · project / search_api_solr · GitLab

Thank you @FreMun for this question and thanks a million @stovak for the solution!

We will add something to the docs so this is clearer.

Also, thanks @McKenna for tagging us on this :heart:

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Thank you all for jumping in to help + drop some knowledge!

Hi @stovak ,

Thank you for reply. I’m been trying to get this to work, but with no success…

To begin, it’s not clear to me why the synonyms_nl.txt (I’m working in a dutch website) should be altered via code? I’m able to change this file via a custom field type:

Then I can post the changes via the Pantheon Search Admin tab.

But then it’s still not working… Is there any way you could help me on this one?

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The module doesn’t load the dynamic values from these form fields. You have to alter the files with code in order to get them to update correctly on the server. Here’s the wiki for the module:

We have a card in place for better documentation on synonyms, and it will be prioritized for work sometime soon. Meanwhile, help yourself to the wiki.

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None of the above worked for me. I ended up doing:

  • Configuration >> Search and metadata >> Search API >> Pantheon Search (/admin/config/search/search-api/server/pantheon_solr8/solr_field_type)
  • Edit: English Text Field
  • Add the desired synonym(s) in the synonyms section
  • Save & re-index

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Here’s a screenshot of editing the synonym_en.txt file.

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Thanks, @kkambeya, for sharing your process with us! Apologies the one outlined above didn’t work for you but glad you found one that did! I’m going to share this with the team, so they’re aware as well + update documentation as needed. Thanks again!