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Docs Thursday: New Guide! Install and Configure Lando

This week we have a brand new guide to installing & configuring Lando:

This latest guide was contributed by Pantheon Hero @evilalex. Thanks, Alex!

Let us know if this documentation helps you out, and don’t forget: all our docs are editable by the community!

Happy Thursday, all!


This is great! I use Lando all the time for local dev and Pantheon with Drupal. I’m new to creating documentation for Pantheon, but I’d like to add to the article to talk about the Drupal side or would it be better to add a new article about that? In past support docs, you have these cool tabs with Drupal 7/Drupal8/WordPress with code changes per CMS. Would that work here? Thanks @evilalex!


We still have those handy tabs! Example:

Our docs team is happy to help figure out the best format for your contributions. I’d say you can go ahead and click “Edit this page” under the “Contribute” button on that page–it’ll spin up a place for you to make those edits & then our team will figure out how to best format them. It’s all version controlled, so hack away. :slight_smile:

We also have a documentation page on…how to contribute to our documentation! :tada: It may give you some ideas:

Let me know if you have any more questions, @CodeChefMarc!

Excellent! Thank you! I’ll put some things together and update the doc soon.

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Oh hey! That me!! =)

Btw, the Pantheon Docs team definitely doesn’t get enough love. <3

Lando’s a damn dream. I lurve it so much!!

+1, the docs team is amazing.