Discussion on Migration in Pantheon

We are having a WordPress Quiz site with LearnDash plugin installed. We have created a new courses and quizzes on the DEV environment. When we planned to migrate the courses and quizzes to test environment. It’s migrating only when we clone the DB from DEV to TEST environment. We have real users who are taking test on the PROD environment. If we clone the DB from DEV environment, the old data like quiz submitted and course submitted before are overwritten by DEV DB. Kindly guide us on how to append the newly created courses and to keep other courses and data as it is in PROD.

Hi, @nandhini! Thanks for reaching out. I’m going to ping my team + see if someone can help you with this. Thanks for your patience!

Hi, @nandhini! I reached out to my team, + they recommended that you export the quizzes + courses that you have created in Dev + import them into Live. This doc should help.

Also, if you do this enough + have access to a developer who can help, you might be able to craft API calls between the environments to export/import one quiz at a time from dev → test → live. And if you’ve not already done so, I encourage joining our Community Slack (we have a #wordpress channel where you might be able to get more help + connect with WordPress developers). Hope this all helps!