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Discussion for doc: WordPress Plugins and Themes with Known Issues

Hi there, can you add similar support for WP plugin called WP-Optimize as it has the same issues writing to cache folder wp-content/resources and needs to be moved to wp-content/uploads folder… and if it conflicts with the Pantheon Page Cache on the hosting platform?

WordPress Plugins and Themes with Known Issues

It would conflict, so I recommend this advice from their FAQ. Our caching will be performed on the edge which is much faster and should make their caching redundant.

Can I use the page caching feature together with another cache plugin?
No, because both cache plugins would need to use the drop-in plugin advanced-cache.php. If you turn off caching on WP-Optimize, you can use any other caching plugin and still use the other features of WP-Optimize.

To get the resources folder to work for the example you described you canCreate a symlink to resolve the issue.

If you aren’t already, you should be using Pantheon’s Advanced Page Cache to get the most out of our edge caching.

WP-Optimize seems to have some other nice features that could be worth using, but I would recommend using it for caching on Pantheon or any host that provides it’s own edge cacheing layer.

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