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WordPress and Drupal Core Updates

I updated my WP core through the WP dashboard and now I can’t update using upstream. I get a message “Something went wrong when applying updates.” There is no information as to what is wrong.

My dev version has WP 5.71 my prod version is WP 5.5. I have tried cloning the database and files downstream from prod to dev, the changes to files are moved but not the WP version. I’m not sure what to do.

I also cannot update the plugins. It says the “Update failed: Could not create directory.”

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Hey Nancy!

I am sorry to hear you are encountering issues! Sounds like there may be a few things going on, but we should be able to hopefully get you back on track :slight_smile: Did you try to make those changes while in Git mode? If so, that could be part of the issue here. This doc includes instructions on how to make core updates to your WordPress site.

But please let me know if you are still running into issues & we will go from there.

thanks, when I switch to SFTP mode I get this message:

“We can’t pull upstream updates when SFTP connection mode is enabled. Commit any changes, enable the Git connection mode, and then apply updates.”

These are not SFTP changes that I want to update. I’m just hoping to update the listed Upstream Updates and figure out why I can no longer update the plugins from the WP Dashboard.


So the plugins not being able to get updated is in part because the site is in Git mode. While in Git mode the plugins, themes, and core folders are read only.

As for getting the updates failed message, I have a feeling the platform is getting merge conflicts that cannot be resolved automatically. This can happen when some files are either removed or renamed so that means having to manually resolving those. There is this doc that might help out:

If not, you can open up a chat and one of the Pantheon Support folk can help as well

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