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Discussion for doc: Using SimpleSAMLphp with Shibboleth SSO

Using SimpleSAMLphp with Shibboleth SSO
I added the script line to composer.json to create the config symlink, and it works perfectly on my local environment. When I push it up to Github/CircleCI, the symlink is never created on any of the environments.

I set up the environment using these instructions:
It’s as if the ‘post-install-cmd’ isn’t running when I push changes up. I’m still fairly new to the CI setup, so I’m unsure how to debug further.

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I am seeing this in sync build artifact:
skipping non-regular file “vendor/simplesamlphp/simplesamlphp/config”

Do we need to add the following script to the deploy step?
Should the .circleci/config.yml rsync command include the -l flag?

“rm -rf vendor/simplesamlphp/simplesamlphp/config && ln -sf …/…/…/private/simplesamlphp/config vendor/simplesamlphp/simplesamlphp/config”

I ended up adding the -l flag to the .circleci/config.yml rsync command and it seems to be working now. Can someone advise if that will cause any problems?

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Hey @jlashomb adding the -l flag should not cause any issues, and is exactly how I would’ve solved this issue. I think the -a flag would also likely work, but I’ve not tested that as an alternative.


Hi @jlashomb! I selected your solution, but of course, feel free to change that if you find a different answer works better for you!