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Terminus Manual
I am using Windows as OS. i want to run some drush command over my 10-15 sites. support suggest me this link nothing more so i am kind of confused how to do that. Please guide me how can i do that

So, unfortunately, Terminus is not technically supported on Windows. As a Windows dev myself, this is quite a shame. But, you can get around some of this by using alternate terminals that include some Linux-like qualities, e.g. Gitbash, or via the Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL).

Once you have Terminus running, executing the command is as simple as terminus remote:drush -- <site>.<env> <command>. So if your site is named o-farooq-example and you want to make a chance to its live environment, you’d execute something like this: terminus remote:drush -- <command>.

I’m a WordPress dev, so I know very little about drush, but I hope this helps. If you need more specific help with respect to getting Terminus running on your machine, let me know. I tend to lean towards WSL and the Hyper terminal ( myself, but WSL can be slow for filesystem operations. In those cases, I may fall back on Gitbash.