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Discussion for doc: Terminus backup:info and --element=all parameter

Terminus Command Reference

The backup:info command has an --element parameter. The options given are: “[all|code|files|database|db]”. My assumption would be that the ‘–element=all’ parameter would give a calculation of the code, files & db. but in fact it only gives you the results of the ‘files’ storage. We need to run the backup:info command 3 times in order to get all the backup information:

terminus backup:info --element=code sitename.env
terminus backup:info --element=db sitename.env
terminus backup:info --element=files sitename.env

Is there some way that I’m using the --element parameter wrong or does the docs need to be updated to remove the ‘all’ option for the --element parameter?

Hi @MattC - welcome, and thanks for asking.

In speaking with the development team I learned that this is indeed a known bug; the all parameter should return all the information, but it doesn’t.

One workaround would be to use terminus backup:list to get all the elements, but at present there is no way to restrict that list to only the most recent backup.

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