Discussion for doc: Object Cache Pro on Pantheon

Object Cache Pro on Pantheon
Hi all. I am trying to evaluate Object Cache Pro and installed the plugin on WP and edited the files that were required. However when I enable the cache it does not connect and I am getting the error:
An object cache error has occurred:

  • Failed to initialize object cache: Connection timed out

Anyone else getting this error? Is there something I may have missed or need to double check in my setup?

Hi @mpersad
Have you enabled Redis either in the Pantheon dashboard or via Terminus?

Hi @chris.reynolds yes I have. I also made sure to edit the pantheon.yml file with the following:

  • version: 6.2*

The error indicates that the plugin is reaching out to the object cache server and not finding it. Assuming you’ve activated Redis and updated wp-config.php (or config/application.php for Composer-Managed installs) appropriately, you should have everything you need to make that connection. If all of that looks good, and you’re using the license key you got in the EA intro email, I would open a support ticket so we can look at what’s specifically happening (or not happening) in your environment.

If you haven’t signed up for the Early Access program, you can fill out your information here and you’ll be contacted directly.

@chris.reynolds I was able to get it to work finally. I cause of the error was a misconfigured setting in the wp-config file. Thanks again for your reply. It prompted me to re-check all my settings.

That’s awesome! Glad you got it working!