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Discussion for doc: Migrate to Drupal 9

Migrate to Drupal 9

Has anyone successfully completed this procedure?

I should add that the document I am using it this one

And the step I am stuck on it the Deploy step. When is says to merge " composerify into master" I get git error “fatal: refusing to merge unrelated histories”

I’m thinking there must be an error in the instructions earlier on but I am not expert enough to be able to figure it out (plus I feel there should be a bit more information about this step and those that follow).

Hey Adrian!

Sorry to hear you are having issues. Have you tried reading through this Doc yet? Happy to tag the right people to help you get back on track if still needed.

That is the doc I am having problems with. That is why I ask if anyone was able to use it successfully.

(Edited original post to give more information)

Tagging some of our Docs gurus to see if they can help you with this! @carolyn @joan.edwards @edwardangert can any of you lend your expertise here?

thanks, @McKennaR !

Hi @Adrianm6254 ! We’ve got a PR staged in the Docs repository (thanks, @dandaman !) that aims to clarify that section
If you’re already stuck there (I’m sorry that you’re stuck there), and can give the proposed changes a try, that’d be a tremendous help to us and other users!

Here’s a link to the relevant section in a built preview of the PR
I can check in here on the forum if that’s convenient for you, and if you’re more into leaving feedback and suggestions on GitHub, the Docs team will be working on PR 6471 and we’d love to work your feedback in to make the doc good.

Or, if that isn’t the right kind of solution for the issue you’ve encountered, let us know here and we can try to find the right person to help.

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Thanks for getting back to me. I will go take a look shortly.

I have been struggling with this for almost a week (have been working with support but not getting very far with them).

I will definitely get back to you.



and the instructions were very easy to follow.

I’m a very happy camper now.

It reads like it is ready from prime-time (It’s a big improvement over the posted document).

Thank you

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