Discussion for doc: Local Development on Pantheon

Hello folks,

I am new to Pantheon. I followed the instructions on how to Use DDEV with Pantheon, and was able to successfully setup DDEV with Pantheon on a MacBook Pro machine. I am trying the same thing on Linux. But somehow ddev pull pantheon fails on an Ubuntu 22.04 or a Debian 11 machines. I am receiving this error message:

Pull files and database using a configured provider plugin.
Running pull will connect to the configured provider and download + import the
database and files.

ddev pull [command]

ddev pull pantheon
ddev pull platform
ddev pull pantheon -y
ddev pull platform --skip-files -y
ddev pull localfile --skip-db -y
ddev pull platform --environment=PLATFORM_ENVIRONMENT=main,PLATFORMSH_CLI_TOKEN=abcdef

Available Commands:
platform Pull with platform

-h, --help help for pull

Global Flags:
-j, --json-output If true, user-oriented output will be in JSON format.

Use “ddev pull [command] --help” for more information about a command

I found the solution here