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Discussion for doc: Considerations for Google Analytics and PANTHEON_STRIPPED

Hello everyone.

I’m still struggling with this issue. I need to record on a field, for the user account, the sources of his original first access to the site.

I’m using Adwords to drive traffic and tracking the access using the ?utm_source=google&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=landingv1 UTM tags.

Pantheon is stripping these out and replacing with the “PANTHEON_STRIPPED”. All good in Google Analytics and Adword tracking, but I’m stuck at not being able to use the parameters in the account creation.

Any suggestions?

Considerations for Google Analytics and PANTHEON_STRIPPED

The purpose of the PANTHEON_STRIPPED is to allow your site cache to still work despite the google query string. It would break the cache for your site to have them available in the PHP.

The variables are available in javascript, so maybe passing them back to PHP through a REST API or AJAX call would work. That way the non-cached server work can be done asynchronously.


Thanks, John! I’ll give it a shot!

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