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D7 -> D9 migration with Integrated Composer

I am testing integrated composer for a D7->D9 migration. I can change either composer.json in the upstream-configuration or the project root to add drupal modules and this builds fine locally. When I commit these changes it appears that it builds successfully on Pantheon and I can access the site. However, whenever I click on ‘check now’ to find upstream updates I always get the message Something went wrong when applying updates.but with no ‘View Log’ link as described in the documentation. There appears to be no way of seeing what went wrong with the upstream updates. I tried the the suggestion of merging the upstream changes using git pull masterbut this merged without any conflicts.

How can I find out what is going wrong with the upstream updates?

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@mdiplock Hi, welcome to the community!

I hope you don’t mind that I took the liberty of moving your question to a separate topic. I’m hoping it’ll get more eyes on it this way.

Have you asked support to take a look at this issue? I think they may be the best positioned to figure out why those logs aren’t showing up for you.

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Hi @sparklingrobots Yes, it was support who suggested I post on that thread as they did not have anyone who was familiar with integrated composer.