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CSS not passing from Dev to Test to Live

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Hi, I’ve used the automated system to deploy dev>stage>live, but it seems some of the CSS did not go through. I thought it would be seamless, but seems it wasn’t. I’m not sure how/where to update that file. Any help appreciated. TY!


My first question would be what automated system? I’m guessing Build Tools but just want to make sure. One thing that comes to mind would be checking if there is a .gitignore rule at play so it may not deploy the folder or files. I’ve seen it happen in some plugins where there is a rule that prevents the dist folder from being version controlled so it won’t get picked up on deploys.

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Hi Jose,
I was just using the one-click create Test & Live server option from the Pantheon dashboard. On Test & Live the CSS is all messed up which I think the referenced CSS file did not load (or upload) correctly. On my other Pantheon-hosted sites, everything looks fine.
Thanks for your help!!