Config Split settings

We’ve inherited a Pantheon hosted Drupal site that uses the Config Split module. The DEV, TEST and LIVE ‘splits’ are all already activated and setup correctly. However, we’re also trying to activate the DEV split for a new Pantheon MultiDev environment. From my understanding, the various Config 'splits should be activated in settings.php (ie. $config['config_split.config_split.the_split_name']['status'] = TRUE;). However I can’t seem to find the relevant line anywhere in the Pantheon environment code. Is someone able to point me in the right directions? Many thanks.

Sorry to hear you’re bumping into some issues here @Rich! Tagging some DevAdvocates on this thread to see if they can help here :slight_smile: @NineLivesBlackCat @jose.castaneda :eyes:

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Thanks. We’ve been digging further into this and it appears that the site is using Acquia’s BLT which ‘magically’ sets config split based on their environment detector. That explains why we couldn’t find it as it was buried in some BLT include in settings.php. Knowing that, it should be relatively straightforward for us to add our own setting for Multidev outside of the BLT settings.

On that basis it is not a Pantheon issue and we can close this thread as resolved.

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