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Completely disable Autopilot on a site

It is not currently possible to completely delete the Autopilot configuration on a site once it has been set up.

The current workaround is to disable updates, but that still leaves the site in your dashboard’s Autopilot tab, and creates ambiguity about whether that site is actually using Autopilot or not.

Please make it possible for us to return a site to a “clean slate” with regards to Autopilot by deleting all existing configuration, as if the site was never on Autopilot to begin with.

Thanks so much for sharing this feedback! I wanted to let you know that I shared your feedback internally with the team that handles Autopilot. I was told this is already something on their radar (ticket has already been submitted).

I will most certainly share any + all updates as they come through. Keep the feedback rolling!

Great, thank you @McKennaR. I had seen it come up in Slack a few times, but wasn’t 100% sure that would have gotten captured as a feature request. I appreciate the follow-up!

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