Pantheon Community

Community Happy Hour Chat

Hey, Pantheon pals!

In light of event cancellations, we’re missing the chance to connect with our WordPress & Drupal pals.

Today we’ll be hosting a happy hour chat in our Community Slack.

  1. Join the slack
  2. Say hi in #community at 1 pm PDT (see your timezone here).

Will there be dancing animal gifs? Will there be bad jokes? Will there be contingency planning & resource sharing? Will there be all of the above? Only one way to find out!

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We had a great time (despite my mistakes with the timezone calculator)…

We talked about virtual gaming options:

Offered some music/audio recommendations:

As well as discussing:

  • Why tomatoes are bitter
  • Why Sheetz is an amazing convenience store
  • The dangers of bitmoji in slack
  • The care and feeding of bonsai
  • Drag & drop page builders for Drupal
  • Bobsledding!