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Choosing a new Static Site Generator

The Docs team at Pantheon are looking into replacing our app stack. We’re currently using Sculpin, a PHP project, but are interesting in migrating to a more modern solution.

What Markdown-based static site generators do you have experience with? Where have you succeeded, and where have you found issues? Help us make a tool that you want to use to contribute to our docs with.

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I am curious myself what people are using.

We’ve used MkDocs with some success, for internal docs. We’ve got the markdown source files in our Drupal repo, using private files system to protect access to compiled html, like this guide shows:

Thanks @krisahil, that’s an interesting option. I’ve added it to our project tracking possible new generators. :wink:

Sorry to let this stagnate! We decided, implemented, and relaunched our docs using Gatsby! If you want to try it out, our README has instructions on how to configure it locally.