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Changing primary branch name

I saw that Pantheon renamed its primary branch for documentation from master to main. :star_struck:

Any plans to do the same for the platform?


Pantheon is aware of this issue and does have plans to migrate away from this sort of language.

As far as the platform is concerned, there are two primary places where the master branch is particularly visible to customers:

  • The “dev” branch is constrained to always be pulled from “master”
  • Custom upstreams must use “master” as their default branch (the one that propagates to dashboards of sites created with the upstream)

The first case is fairly difficult to change; there are a lot of touch points throughout the platform that assume this name. In the case of custom upstreams, though, that feature was actually designed to allow for the use of any branch name, but presently only “master” can be used due to a bug.

Prioritizing work is always challenging, as there is so much competing for attention. It is always good to get feedback from customers about issues that are important to them. Work that is requested by a broad segment of our customer base is more likely to be pulled in, so be sure to chime in and add your encouragement when you see something you’d like.


Would love to see progress on this topic as our Pantheon-associated repositories are the only ones we have left where our focal branch is not named ‘main’.