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Cache Tags in Drupal7

Looking to be able to add some cache tags to large sets of pages (or even all pages) on the site to invalidate the cached content in Pantheon’s CDN/Varnish. Since there is no API command in code to run the clear caches operation, this seems to be the only supported way to be able to run this on a hook. Anyone have experience adding cache tags to the headers of an entire content type to invalidate a lot of content at once?

This is the most detailed resource on Drupal 7 usage that I know of for setting and clearing custom tags: and here’s a Drupal 8 doc.

Though I’m not sure what you mean by " no API command in code to run the clear caches operation". cache_clear_all() is the function for that or you could use the broader drupal_flush_all_caches.

Let me know if those help. I’m the maintainer of Pantheon Advanced Page Cache.

I mean in the context of Pantheon operations, the cache clear that would clear out the CDN/Varnish cache. I actually enabled the cache backends for the d8cache/advanced caching modules (which hadn’t been configured correctly), and it did generate cache tags appropriate to our needs. I am curious if I was pulling out data or fields from nodes, but not rendering them fully, if there would be a way to generate tags to clear all node pages of a certain content type.

I am familiar with that article you linked, and I have looked through some of the documentation about the new cache system in d8, but it’s not clear what all the possible variants there are for cache tags.

Hi @jcmiller09, to my knowledge drupal_flush_all_caches() does clear the the entire CDN cache as well. Let me know if you see different behavior.

For generating custom tags that declare which node types have been loaded on a given page (even if they aren’t rendered as a view mode) I would recommend using hook_node_load and checking the type of the loaded nodes.