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Build Tools 2.0 status & testing

Hi, I’m Fatima, Developer Programs Engineer on the Developer Relations team here at Pantheon. I joined the team recently to pick up the work on the Build Tools initiative (2.0).

As we’re working through some of the remaining issues for Build Tools 2.0, I’d like to hold this space to discuss. If you want to report bugs or make a feature request for the Build Tools plugin, the example repositories, or the Dockerfile please open an issue on GitHub for the respective project.


This is awesome, I’ll try to play with it this weekend.

Question, which CI provider does it use…

The email from Katie seems to suggest it just “does it”, or…do you have to provide your credentials?


My understanding (and the way we use build tools plugin 1.0) is that it’s just a few more CLI commands for terminus. You would run it on your own CI or locally even.

Am I correct in my understanding though, @fatima.khalid?

Maybe I phrased that badly :slight_smile:

by credentials, do I mean are you connecting this to CircleCI (or any another tool)?

Is this testing best suited to Drupal sites? I only do WordPress at this time.

Hi everyone - thank you for working on testing this! I’m still getting familiar with Build Tools myself :smiley:

@duran Yes, you will have to create a CircleCI account and authorize it to your Github.

@webidextrous the goal is for the project: convert command to work for both Wordpress and Drupal sites - so you can go ahead and test the command on your Wordpress site, thank you!

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Just a heads up seems to go no where :slight_smile:

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