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Branch CI - WordPress Automated Testing & Deployments - themed office hours! 🌟

Next week, we’re bringing back themed Office Hours . We will be discussing Automated Testing & Deployments with Peter Suhm from Branch.

Branch is a deployment tool designed for WordPress developers. It’s CI/CD without the learning curve and it integrates with Pantheon seamlessly.

Join us this Wednesday at 11 PST if you’d like to:

  • listen to us chat about Automated Testing & Development with Branch & Pantheon
  • exciting extra things you can do with Branch like integrating Lighthouse tests

We will first run through any questions posted here and then take questions from attendees. If there aren’t any questions, we’ll just keep chatting about related topics! :smile:

For a first look at how automated deployments with Branch works on Pantheon - check out Peter’s webinar.


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Office Hours with Branch CI: 2020-07-22T18:00:00Z2020-07-22T19:00:00Z

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Thanks for sharing @fatima.khalid this is AWESOME!

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